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We’re excited that you’re considering ProWorkshops at Therapy West for your continuing education needs. We believe that continuing education courses are critical for the development of therapists. We strive to offer courses that are based on the latest research and are taught by leaders in the field. ProWorkshops at Therapy West has been providing continuing education for over 10 years and we are confident our workshops will help further your professional development.

Practical Strategies to Improve Executive Function Skills in Children & Adolescents
Saturday, February 27, 2016
Instructor: Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist

To successfully execute, children need to be aware of task demands and set goals. Then they must access forethought and hindsight to think in an organized way and to sustain their focus on the relevant features of the task at hand. As students mature they learn how to organize their time, space, materials and develop the reasoning skills to consider multiple possible solutions to problems, recognize the “gray” in situations, and manage both expected and unexpected changes in plans, routines, rules and novel situations. Students must fluidly shift between changing task demands and carry out multiple complex steps to achieve expected goals.

This is a practical strategies seminar! In the first hour participants will learn how to clearly define what the executive function skills are for the purpose of determining the most effective treatment interventions. Understand the development of the executive function skills and what is meant by the term “executive dysfunction”. The rest of the day you will learn dozens of functional, ready-to-use strategies for teaching students how to develop the executive function skills. Teach students to develop a “memory for the future”, to devise plans to achieve their goal, to use self-talk, to self-initiate, to transition to the next task of higher priority and to control their impulses and emotions to successfully complete a task. Improve a student’s awareness skills so that he/she can “read a room” then “stop, think and create” an appropriate action plan and infer possible outcomes. Teach students to see and sense the passage of time, accurately estimate how long tasks will take, change or maintain their pace, stay a beat ahead and carry out routines and tasks within allotted time frames. Improve student’s speed of processing and to absorb information in an organized way.

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