Covid-19 Procedures and Waiver

June 17, 2020

Letter from the Owners of Therapy West:

The last three months have been difficult – not only because we are unable to provide services in a regular manner, but also because our lives have been turned upside down. Some of us have had to work remotely, while also acting as teachers, therapists, chefs, and entertainers to our children.

There is a growing number of requests to provide in-person services, therefore we are increasing the number of sessions at our three locations. We have created a plan that aligns with CDC guidelines.

Please see attachment with our proposed procedures. We understand that some of these precautions will make starting and ending the sessions more cumbersome, but we are optimistic that it will be worth the effort.

In addition, clients must have a waiver completed before being seen at the clinic. The link to the waiver is:

Covid-19 Procedures and Waiver

On a more positive note, we have additional openings at all three clinics and the sessions will be staggered with some children starting on the hour and others on the half-hour. This will alleviate crowding and parking. This process will also allow parents to have time to get a cup of coffee or run a short errand.

As always, we are here to serve you. We hope to work together as we enter a “new normal”.