Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy addresses limitations in children including postural and mobility dysfunctions. Therapeutic motor activities are used to help the child access all environments efficiently and safely.

Our therapists are specialists in the evaluation and treatment of infants under one year of age, as well as other children with torticollis, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, prematurity, muscular dystrophy, motor problems associated with autism spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome, and other genetic disorders.

We have physical therapists with doctorate or masters-level degrees, advanced training, and specialty certifications in areas including neurodevelopmental treatment, sensory integration, lower extremity bracing and orthotics, and body-weight supported treadmill training. Our physical therapists are also board-certified from the American Physical Therapy Association as Pediatric Clinical Specialists (PCS).

At Therapy West, Inc. we emphasize family-centered care and encourage caregiver involvement in their children’s programs. We offer clinic-based treatments as well as home visits, school visits, and visits to other natural environment settings.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Some of the benefits of physical therapy include :

  • Gross motor skill development
  • Increased muscle strength, coordination, and endurance
  • Improved balance and postural control
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Better mobility and ability to access the environment

If you’re considering Therapy West, Inc. & pLAy Studio for your child’s individual therapy needs, please find out how to get started with individual therapy.