Getting Started with Therapy

How can my child start receiving individual therapy services at Therapy West, Inc. & pLAy Studio?

A: The first step is to determine whether your child would benefit from services at Therapy West, Inc. We provide formal evaluations to determine if therapeutic services are required for your child to improve his or her functional performance. An intake coordinator will contact you in order to gain a better understanding of your primary concerns. Next, the scheduling team will contact you and based on your availability, you will come in for an evaluation. The therapist will meet with you and your child, perform an evaluation on your child using standardized assessments, and an evaluation report will be written by the therapist. We ask that you bring in a copy of any other outside reports (medical history, school, etc.) pertaining to your child for your therapist to review. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete forms.


If a current evaluation has already been performed, you may initiate therapy services by contacting our scheduling team and requesting an appointment. Individual therapy services (1 therapist to 1 child) are provided at either 30 minutes or 60 minutes per session and are scheduled on a weekly basis.

If you’re considering Therapy West, Inc. & pLAy Studio for your child’s individual therapy needs, please schedule an evaluation or book an appointment. To take a look at our facilities, please email If you feel individual therapy is not for your child, Therapy West, Inc. & pLAy Studio also offer several group therapy programs to choose from. If you have any other questions, please call us at (310) 337-7115