I am very satisfied with the program (TWISPP) at Therapy West. I have noticed a great improvement in my son. The staff is very helpful with answering any questions that I may have. They have shown tremendous compassion and care for my son which has allowed him to blossom in the short time he has been attending. Thank you Therapy West!
Emmanuel “Joshua”’s Mom
Why We Love Therapy West Therapy West has made incredible progress with our children. Our older son was walking on his toes when he started PT and OT at Therapy West 3 years ago. He rarely goes up on his toes now. Our younger son barely had any language before going to Therapy West and now he often speaks in complete sentences and makes good eye contact. Our children have grown roots at Therapy West. Our family will always be a branch on their Tree of Life. Cheers,
The Connor Family
My son, Jack, and I were brought to Therapy West by chance. He started in a readiness center in Lennox and right away I knew he loved school. I never planned to take him out of that readiness center until his teacher realized he might be delayed. From there, I spent the next couple of weeks dealing with evaluations and assessments. I was a young mom going to college full-time and having to deal with the assessments made me upset. Part of me wondered whether I should even take him to this new school. But I'm glad every day of my life that I did. Once Jack became a part of Therapy West, he became a part of a family. The consistency of being able to go to school in the morning and having somewhere fun and engaging to go to made me feel good about being able to have him be somewhere while I was in class. He created a special bond with his teacher at Therapy West and it was a great feeling to know that he was loved and appreciated. They helped encourage his love of music and always tried to get him to work harder, realizing his potential. Towards the middle of his time there, his services for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy started. I would like to take this moment to give great thanks and recognition to his therapists for the services they provided for Jack. Every therapy session was a chance for Jack to play again and although at first he was a bit scared, by the end of his sessions, he was already hugging his OT or walking towards his PT, taking their hands and waving goodbye to me. I'm a young mom and at times, I've often felt like I didn't know what I was doing when it came to Jack and everyone at Therapy West was always so helpful and insightful when it came to advice and guidance in how to better Jack's progress at home. It's truly been a blessing to be able to say I was a part of Therapy West with Jack and I'm happy that in a few months, I'll be returning to Therapy West when I enroll my younger son as well. I highly recommend Therapy West to any parent who needs help with their child, is looking for great services with great people or just want to involve their child in a great organization. Jack was there since he was 18 months old and it really saddened me when he turned 3 and was no longer able to be in their center. It was a great place full of really great people.
Amy L.
My daughter has been going to Therapy West in Gardena for about 2.5 years, when she first went she couldn't crawl, walk, nor try to talk. Now she is running, and tries to make conversation with anyone who is willing to listen to her rumble on. The staff at Therapy West has always been very helpful, patient, and caring, they always kept us in the loop of what was going on. All the therapists help each other out, and appointments are always easy to make/cancel. They never forget to call you for reminders. The location is in a good area, and inside the entire facility is clean. For the therapy sessions they're never rushed, they take their time with the kids. I would highly recommend Therapy West, it is a great place to take your child if therapy is needed, the people are trust worthy and get the job done.
Teresa A.
We are the proud parents of Francesca also known as "Frankie" who is 3 years old and started therapy at Therapy West when she was 7 months. During this 2 1/2 year journey, Therapy West, has guided us through the deepest lows and most incredible highs. Therapy West offers a rare combination of the latest innovations in therapy, great dedication and compassionate care.  Thus it is easy to understand why we entrust our daughter in the quite capable hands of Therapy West.
Frankie’s parents
When my son Chris started at Therapy West, he had so many issues. He wasn't able to swallow, chew solid foods, a lot of sensory issues, super floppy that he couldn't roll over or combat crawl. After receiving PT, OT, and feeding therapy in Gardena facility my son has made a lot of improvement. he eats solid foods. His sensory issues are very minimal now. He is able to use his hands. He sits with support. Combat crawls everywhere. The therapists have gone out of their way to help my son. Not only did they treat him as he was part of their own family but have guided me through the whole process. They even helped me get AFO's meantime the insurance was able to cover the cost.     Now he is in the Two Step Program which we love. They have taught Chris so much especially transferring from activities and being around other kids. Even though my son does not walk yet he is able to join and experiment a school based program before he actually enters real school.      I'm very grateful for how my son has improved in these programs. It has given me the guide lines to proceed to support my son's needs as he gets older. As a mother their help has given me hope more than words can describe.
Quiero darle las gracias por todo el progreso que mi hijo presenta. Gracias a su terapista fisica que lo ayudado tanto y a las maestros de Therapy West. Les deseo muchos exictos y sigan adelante. Bendiciones.
Yo estoy muy contenta con Therapy West porque mi nina Jeilany apesar de que casi siempre llora, ella siempre se fija lo que hacen en la clase y ella intenta a hacer las cosas tambien. Les agradesco mucho por su paciensia y siempre les voy a estar agradecida. Gracias a todos y les agradesco que siempre nos reciben con una sonrisa.
Desde el primer dia que llegue a Therapy West, me senti confortable por su atencion y ayuda para mi hijo, Aymar. Antes no tenia mucha comunicacion conmigo pero ahora hay mucho cambio y se logro tanto y siento agradecida por toda sus ayuda y atenciones. Gracias Therapy West y sobre todo a sus terapistas por la paciencia y carion que tienen con mi hijo y con todos los ninos de Therapy West. Gracias de todo mi Corazon.
Mi hija tiene 3 meces asistiendo a Therapy West. A sido una de las mejores experiencias para mi hija. Ella a aprendido bastante aqui y le encanta venir. Es un excelente programa para todos los ninos. Estoy muy contenta por el progreso de mi hija. Lo recomendo a todos los que estan buscando algun lugar para llevar a sus hijos. Gracias Therapy West por su gran trabajo.
I found the perfect combination of therapeutic services, a center-based program, and a loving, nurturing environment all at one location… Therapy West! I LOVE this place! It was really important for me to find a program that provided both Occupational Therapy and a center-based program at the same location. I found that at TW and SO much more! My two-year-old, Henry, has been a client of Westside Regional Center for over a year. When they approved us for Occupational Therapy and for a Center-Based Program for him I became an instant ball of nerves. My son, who has never been to pre-school and who has only been cared for by family, now needed to take a big leap into the world of Daycare. Needless to say, I was more terrified than he was. My husband and I visited several programs, but nothing seemed to be the right fit, until we found Therapy West, Culver City. We had our first tour with one of the TWISPP program coordinators at TW. He gave us a great tour about the facility, gave us detailed information about their staff and programs, answered all our annoying questions (and we had lots), and made us feel right at home. My initial feeling about TW was how warm and inviting everyone was. The staff was very professional, but they all seem to have that extra special loving touch that it takes to make your child feel safe, loved, and most of all, happy. Henry started his first Occupation Therapy session with one of the OTs. She is SUPER! She and Henry hit it off so well, I almost couldn’t believe it. She has great energy, is very experienced working with young children, and is extremely patient. After a few short sessions, he was hooked. Henry started asking me to take him to see “Teacher” even on days that he doesn’t have OT. He’s been receiving OT services for over a year and has made significant progress with fine and gross motor skills. We are in constant communication with our OT and she gives us periodic updates on his progress, as well as details on how we can help him at home. On the rare occasion she is unavailable, Henry has worked with other OTs and I can say through personal observation, they are all wonderful! Shortly after starting OT, Henry began attending TW’s center-based program, Therapy West Infant Specialized Play Program (TWISPP); he attends 3 days per week. This program is AMAZING! The teachers here, have the magic touch. They are warm, nurturing, and experienced in working with children of all ages and disabilities. Their TWISPP program (1.5 -3 year old) was perfect for Henry. Henry loves the songs and activities during circle time, enjoys arts and crafts, and really loves the climbing and tumbling time in the gym. Right from the start, Henry particularly gravitated towards his teacher; he ADORES her! She greets Henry and all the children at the door with a huge smile, her contagious laugh, and warm hugs. She really helped Henry with his transition from home to school. She knows exactly what puts a smile on his face, knows how to sustain his attention during circle time and arts and crafts, and keeps him excited to participate all morning long. Even when Henry is having a tough morning, she never hesitates to ease his struggle and comfort him. After a few short weeks of starting TWISPP, Henry had no problem hugging me goodbye and running into his teacher’s arms… no tears and all smiles. That says a lot for a child with separation anxiety. We would be lost without her. His OT also attends TWISPP with Henry, which definitely eased his transition from OT to TWISPP so he was able to see a familiar face. TW also offers several parent workshops with professionals in the field of child development on a variety of topics on Saturday mornings. We attended some of the workshops and have benefitted tremendously. Henry was also able to participate in TWISPP during the workshop so that we could attend. We also attended several of the carnivals hosted by TW, which helped us meet other families that attend TW; it was great to be able to network with other parents and have a great time together as a family. What more can I say… I really love the family at Therapy West. His teacher, OT and the rest of the staff at TW have been an integral part of Henry’s growth and development. The team at TW is a great family and they really enjoy working with young children. To them, it’s not just a job… they truly care about the kids and I will forever be indebted to them for all they have done for my son.
I have 5 year old twins they have been both going to Therapy West for almost 2 years. Due to their diagnosis with Autism, they have received OT, SP, PT from the facility, my twins are still excited to spend time with therapists at Gardena Therapy West every day.  It seems like for them, they are having a great play time and feeling the joy of learning.  As a mother, I have felt 120% safe and comfortable having my kids go there. I am very happy with Therapy West, because I can tell Therapy West is a very different from other agencies. I have experienced feeling like some other agencies are looking at my children as dollar signs and are money collectors who do not care about my children, but sadly seem to care about money. ALL Therapy West therapists are totally not like that. They care about the CHILD and their growth from each session.  My kids sometimes fall asleep before therapy, all therapists are willing to reschedule even at the last moment, all of them are very kind and caring to my children. I can see a little bit of progress from each therapy session at Therapy West, and I have been happy about it as a mother. I have never seen unhappy therapists from Therapy West. All the therapists from Therapy West are highly professional and knowledgeable.   They are willing to listen to parents’ voice anytime and take and use it to better the child’s future.  All of them are not in a hurry to go to their next clients. Therapists are busy taking care of their client schedules, but Therapy West therapists are different.  They are willing to listen and learn about the child to help their progress.   I have also learned so much from their parent seminar classes.  My kids and I have been looking forward to attending their holiday parties to spend time with other kids, their parents, and Therapy West Staff.  I am glad that I can find the agency we can count on for the long run.  I am happy about the result from their curriculum.   My son was NON VERBAL and physically weak due to his diagnosis, but now he can speak with 5 word sentences and can express his needs. He can eat McDonalds and any other foods which he used to refuse (Therapy West has very special feeding therapy).  Therapists and my kids made pizza and burritos together. At first, my twins hated the food, but now they love it after they learned to make and eat them.  My son was physically weak, but he is now a strong boy and a happy kid.  Overall, I just feel so lucky and happy that I found Therapy West.  Therapy West is the best agency for therapy. Thank you very much to the Therapy West staff who helps my twins with extra care and powerful and loving help for my twins to improve!!!!!     THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!
Estoy agradecida con todo el personal de Therapy West por su buen servicio y estoy contenta por su dedicacion. Mi hijo ha avanzado mucho en su desarollo. Espero que siga asi por mucho tiempo. Therapy West es una opcion muy Buena para recomendar. Gracias